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Empathy is something we all need right now

Just a thought. I've tried to stay away from this subject but we're nearing 8-9 months and it's not going away. I remember being this parent. I was in the same situation many times over the years. And, I work with families that may struggle with the same difficult decisions. 

It's hard to deny. Many of us, because of the virus are worrying about someone else's kid going to school with the sniffles or a cough. Is it the "RONA"?  Is it allergies? Harvest in our rural area is in full swing and the dust near the house, in our community, could be causing his sore throat and cough.

It's true, it's in the back of everyone's mind. I'd just like to point out that sadly, there a lot of parents without options. Do I go to work so I can keep the lights on and food on the table, or do I stay home with a child with a sore throat or a little cough because I fear it's Covid-19?

We’re all making some tough decisions and empathy, seeing through someone else's eyes, is the medicine that we all need right now.